Smell Like a KING

Vegan Aftershave Fragrances Supporting Men to Talk About Mental Health



KINGS' fragrance is banging. I rock it after exercise and for a night out. To top it off, their doing wonders for mental health awareness.

Matthew PritchardVegan Chef I Pro Skateboarder I Entrepreneur I Author I Triathlete

I love KINGS 'Evolution' Eau de Toilette SO MUCH! A really exciting, distinctive, masculine smell and a 100% ethical and vegan company. KINGS is redefining what it means to be a man.

Hench HerbivoreVegan YouTube Personality I Social Influencer

It's great that KINGS' aftershave is cruelty free. Being vegan, it's important to make sure your consumptions align with your core values, so having an aftershave that smells great and is ethical is a massive bonus.

Anthony MullallyVegan Professional Rugby Player

What KINGS are doing is such a great project, not enough people are aware of men's mental health problems and KINGS are making it there goal to bring the awareness to everybody! On top of that, their fragrance is unreal.

Declan RuddVegan Professional Football Player

I love what KINGS stands for. High quality cruelty free products that smell great and help promote men’s mental health.They are helping to redefine masculinity by highlighting the importance of good mental health and that as men we need to be open and brave enough to discuss this. This doesn’t make us weak, it makes us strong!

Russell MartinVegan Professional Football Player

I love the brands mission statement, it’s something that’s needed in today’s society. We’re losing far many men to suicide and seeing a brand like KINGS aiming to raise awareness for those suffering in silence is refreshing to see. The product itself is amazing too, I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and I love the fact it’s made from natural ingredients. It smells good too!

Paul McGregorMental Health Speaker & Advocate I Author

I'm so glad I have finally found an aftershave that is all natural and vegan, falls in line with my ethics, lasts the duration and smells INCREDIBLE!

Tom FergusonFilm maker at Ruroc I Vegan Lifestyle Blogger


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