Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.


84 men take their lives every day.


1 in 8 men are diagnosed with common mental illness at any one time.


This is why we set up Talk Club. Talk Club is a social enterprise funded and co-founded by the KINGS founder Blué O’Connor as a way of giving back to a cause close to his heart.


We welcome you to Talk Club.


Talk Club is a Male Mental Fitness Movement.

It’s a Talking and listening club for men.

It’s a support network for ways to keep mentally fit.

It’s a community of men looking after each other.

It’s here to remind all men that they are not alone, that other men feel exactly the same way they do, and if we share our feelings we can become mentally strong.

Together we can change the way we look after our mental health and end suicide.


Here are some simple rules if you want to set up your own talking group with your mates.


Print out double sided and Fold in Half 3 times.


From the main private Talking Group

To individual clubs all over the world

Join one below or contact us to set one up in your area:

House rules FOR TALK CLUB

TALK CLUB IS an over 18 male only, Talking (not Therapy) group.


Firstly, show respect and support for each other.


Secondly, confidentiality is extremely important so please do not share any details of what is shared in this group.


Thirdly, let’s not have political and religious discussions/debates unless you want to discuss how this affects your wellbeing.

If for any reason you feel these house rules have been broken then please contact –


For other services visit


For a counsellor near you


If you are feeling overwhelmed call:


The Samaritans (116 123) or CALM (0800 585858)


You are not alone, you are part of TALK CLUB.


I discovered Talk Club at a time when my mental health was spiraling downwards and I saw no way out. I will always be grateful to Talk Club. It saved my life

Talk Club gave me a safe space where I could share how I was feeling without being judged. It gave me a community of men who could listen and try to help each other which sadly I didn’t have elsewhere

There are men from all walks of life and at different stages of their lives which is great to see and it is also great to know that you’re not the only one who is struggling

It was amazing to see so many men talk openly about their mental health, support each other
and show genuine attention when listening to others. I've never seen this before

I felt supported and understood for the first time in many years

A supportive, open and non challenging environment, with great facilitation and the
opportunity for mutual support, bolstered by the recognition you are not alone

Amazing. Being listened to and listening to others is so empowering, uplifting and provides
me a sense of value. No matter what number I enter at it always goes up during the sessions


On average, members rate their experience of a Talk Club session 9/10

100% of members would recommended Talk Club to other men

Talk Club has improved 96% of members mental health

92% of members felt Talk Club encouraged them to talk openly to others about their mental health