Kings is an ethical aftershave fragrance and grooming brand on a mission – “to inspire and empower men to live healthier and happier lives”.


All our products are certified ‘Made in Britain’, registered with The Vegan Society & Cruelty Free International, PETA approved, contain no parabens or palm oil and are made using natural essential oils. Kings has also been awarded a ‘Best Buy’ brand from the Ethical Consumer magazine.


We also fund men’s mental health projects and we are committed in raising awareness, taking action and being advocates for mental health. Kings’ first co-launched social enterprise ‘Talk Club’ is a talking and listening club for men. It’s a regular mental kick about. Like using jumpers for goal-posts. But for your brain. It’s not about solving your mates problems. It’s about listening to them. Start you own ‘Talk Club‘ today.


Our positive impact won’t stop there. Kings will also encourage men to challenge the unhealthy, unrealistic ideas that society holds about masculinity; ideas that often contribute to men’s anxiety and low mood.


We invite you to join a movement that empowers them to think independently, break the mould and live by their own definition of ‘being a man’.


To hear the story behind Kings, please watch the crowd fund campaign video below.

The Kings Story – By Blué O’Connor (Founder/Director)


Why the world needs Kings


Kings was born out of my personal struggles with mental health. I’d always suffered from social and general anxiety, and during my mid-twenties this progressed to high levels of anxiety, stress and a bout of what I now know to have been depression.


Everything came to a head the day before my 25th birthday. While driving home from work, I suddenly felt severe pain in my chest and numbness in my hands. I thought I was having a heart attack – but I later realised it was a panic attack.


As a man, I felt an overwhelming sense of shame. In my mind, it was down to me to solve this problem and I had to do it alone. I felt trapped, because although I knew I needed help, I believed that reaching out would be ‘unmanly’ and ‘weak’.


I carried on until the situation got so bad that something had to change. I started to address my whole lifestyle – diet, social life, career, thinking patterns and more. Eventually, I quit my job to travel the world. I felt the urge to get away to readdress my life, gain perspective and remove myself from my comfort zone.


I was lucky that I was in a financial position to take time out. Having grown up in one of Bristol’s most deprived areas, I was all too aware that many other men do not have this luxury, or access to the support they need to beat anxiety and depression.


My incredible round-the-world trip gave me the time and space to realise what I was passionate about: social change!


The Birth of a Mission-led Grooming Brand


When I returned to the UK, I changed my career and also became a youth mentor. At the time I was struggling to find grooming products that were a good fit for my values and lifestyle. There seemed to be no quality aftershaves that were ethically produced and cruelty free. And there were definitely no aftershaves that ‘gave back’ to the causes close to my heart.


Out of this frustration, the idea for Kings – a grooming business with a mission – was born. I decided to create a ‘social enterprise’ that would use profits to empower men to live their best lives.


I can’t do this alone; but with your support I can grow Kings, and together we can help build a world of healthier, happier men.


Kings Social Impact


Kings will reinvest a percentage of profits into men’s mental health projects. So when you shop with Kings, part of your money will go directly towards empowering men to turn their lives around.


Kings has co-launched a social enterprise called ‘Talk Club’ which aims to normalise conversations about men’s mental health, build a supportive community and empower men to take ownership of their own mental health.

At Kings, we also have big ambitions to launch other social initiatives. We aim to build calisthenics parks (urban gyms) in areas of high deprivation with the aim to improve young men’s health and well-being, raise aspirations and encourage personal development.


You can join the movement by following us on socials and supporting us in any way you can.

#KingsTribe #RedefiningMasculinity.