14 Vegan Tips to help you Thrive during Veganuary

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14 Vegan Tips to help you Thrive during Veganuary

Vegan tips for Veganuary

Whether you are vegan, plant based, vegetarian, flexitarian or just want to eat less meat, our blog to help you thrive this Veganuary will ensure that you are eating tantalising cuisine, feeling motivated, have the knowledge & support you need and most important, you enjoy your experiment with Veganism.

1. Find out your ‘Why’?

What made you think about going Vegan?

Why are you going Vegan for January?

Asking yourself “Why Veganuary” is a great way to set your intention and figure out what has truly motivated you towards this decision.

Whenever things get tough or you find yourself in a compromising position then simply go back to “Why” you started in the first place.

Was it for your personal health?

Was it for environmental reasons?

Was it for the lives of animals?

Was it for ethical reasons?

Only you know why you decided to take this road.

Take 5-10 minutes to figure out your “Why” and write it down. Pop it in your wallet, purse or somewhere handy and whenever you’re at a point of questioning your decision just remind yourself of your “Why”.

2. Sign up to Veganuary and take the pledge

“Why should I sign up to Veganuary you ask?”

Well, this is the inspirational organisation behind the January vegan movement.

Join the community and you will be rewarded with a vegan starter kit, lots of mouth watering vegan recipes, an ‘eating out’ guide and lots more resources to ensure your Veganuary is a success!

Sign up here already!

3. Start meal planning

Have you ever head of the saying – “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”.

Well it’s true. If this is the first time you have experimented with a vegan lifestyle then you need some sort of a plan. Trust me 🙂

What meals are you going to be eating on a daily basis and how can you ensure they meet all your nutritional and taste bud needs?

Remember Veganuary? They have an amazing and in-depth starter kit that will cover all your planning requirements.

Get some pen on paper or create a lovely spreadsheet, a little planning will pay you dividends throughout the month.

Vegan Meal Plan

4. Grab a vegan cook book

Cook books are great! The inspiring illustrations, the authors endearing back story and the unique recipes are a sure fire way to get you cooking something new.

Here are three of my personal favourite:

BOSH!: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants by Henry Firth & Ian Theasby

Feed me Vegan by Lucy Watson

What Vegans Eat: A cookbook for everyone with over 100 delicious recipes by Brett Cobley

Vegan Cook Book

5. Find & Build your Community

As humans, we need to connect with like-minded people.

Find some people who are also trying Veganuary or who are vegan already. They might be family, friends or strangers waiting to become new friends.

If you’re finding this difficult then simply pop onto Facebook and find your local vegan group, get along to a vegan event or visit one of your local plant based café’s or restaurants.

If the above is impossible then find your community online but remember, there’s nothing quite like authentic face-to-face contact to build a real connection to other like-mind people so get yourself out there.

6. Find some Inspiration

Vegan and plant based lifestyles have gone mainstream.

Every month it seems a well-known food chain is adding vegan dishes to their menu. Look at the controversy Greggs Bakey has just caused by introducing Vegan sausage rolls to their counter.

There are new and exciting things going on all the time. Just grab a copy of Vegan Food & Living Magazine and you’ll be inspired by how much is happening in the world of veganism.

Celebrities, athletes , entrepreneurs and social influencers are popping up all over the globe. Find your favourites, follow them on social media and bathe yourself in inspiration.

There are an interesting selection of 50 vegan influencers to follow at Viva Glam Magazine.

Vegan Athlete

7. Find local Vegan Food

A quick google search or apps such as Happy Cow will have you tucking into your favourite plant based meal in no-time!

You could even visit one of the UK’s most vegan cities such as London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds or Liverpool.

New restaurants and Cafés are launching all of the time and if that fails – most restaurants cater for vegan needs now anyway.

Vegan Cafe

8. Spend some time with Animals

Not only do we need to connect with the people around us, the food we consume, our environment and ourselves, we should try to connect with nature and the animals within it.

Spend some time with the animals you’d usually eat, get up close and personal with them and try to put yourself in their position.

If you make Veganuary more than just about yourself then you will truly understand what it is all about.

9. Eat what you already love, veganise your favourite food and find alternatives

Some of your favourite foods are most likely already vegan.

Oreo’s, peanut butter, dark chocolate and don’t forget everything you’d normally eat apart from meat, dairy and any food containing animal products or bi-products.

You’ll be surprised to find out what is already vegan. Check out ‘Accidentally Vegan‘ to discover more!

Try to focus on what you can eat rather than what you won’t or cant. This completely changes the dynamic of your relationship with veganism.

Focus on all the nutritious, high energy, cruelty-free and vibrant food you will be eating and you’ll set yourself up for success.

Vegan Burger

10. Stock your Cupboards & Fridge

Humans are mostly habitual. So, we will most likely head to the fridge or cupboard at some point and eat what we usually eat.

Break that cycle by upgrading your food supply with some vegan food staples.

Stock up on some chia seeds, oats, peanut butter, dark chocolate, liquorice, agave syrup, tofu, tempeh, black beans, oat milk chickpeas, plant-based fake meats, butter beans, flax seed, coconut milk, almonds, etc, etc.

Give your fridge and cupboards a vegan overhaul and when you robotically go to snack, you’ll be grabbing hearty plant based food just because it’s there.

Vegan Essential food

11. Read the Labels

Remember Veganuary?

They do a wicked Vegan Label Reading Guide that will ensure you are armed with all the necessary know-how on what to look out for when you buy food.

12. Know your Nutrients, Vitamins and Supplements

It has been recommended that all vegans supplement with both vitamin B12 and Vitamin D to maintain optimum health. I’m not a nutritionist but I know there’s a bit more complexity to it, especially if you are an athlete.

The Vegan Society have put together an essential page on Vitamins and Nutrients that vegans should clue up on. I highly recommend reading it.

13. Start thinking beyond Food

Living a vegan lifestyle goes far beyond just what you eat.

Animals based products and bi-products are unfortunately used in many of the products we buy and once you truly invoke this ethical mindset, you will naturally want to understand the implications of everything you buy.

Clothing, toiletries, beauty products, cosmetics, fragrances, footwear and many more products contain animal and animal bi-products so if you feel like long-term change after Veganuary then you can start to educate yourself on all aspects of Veganism.

And remember, it’s a learning curve and we are all growing in this space. It is not a competition and at the end of the day, only you have to be comfortable with the decisions that you make 🙂

14. Take it slow and don’t be hard on yourself

It can be tempting, especially in January to overwhelm ourselves in an array of New Years Resolutions.

Be mindful to only pick a handful of goals because change takes time. If you do slip up during Veganuary then simply acknowledge it and carry on where you left off.

One, two or even three slip ups during 31 days only accounts for around 10%. That is still a mean-feat in my eyes.

If you find yourself struggling on a daily basis then re-visit your why, connect with it and seek further support and strategies providing you truly want to make the change to a more ethical, compassionate and happy lifestyle.

Good luck in your Veganuary journey and if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us

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